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Welcome to the NEM page!

In 2003, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society designated October of every year as National Ergonomics Month (NEM). The purpose of NEM is to create awareness of human factors and ergonomics (HF/E) through grassroots, community-based activities at colleges and universities, high schools, and corporations by providing information and services to the community.

The Goal of NEM

Promote the science, application, and profession of HF/E through:

  • Teaching

  • Learning

  • Networking

  • Service

  • Fun!

NEM Long-Term Vision

Introduce 10 million adults (about 3% of the U.S. population of 281.4 million) to HF/E by 2020.

Provide beneficial information on HF/E to decision-making executives.

Raise awareness about HF/E among 1.1 million students to HF/E by 2020, so they will become more aware of HF/E concerns in their chosen profession as well as become better-informed consumers.

Increase corporate relationships with HFES.

Promote the professional development of all student members and encourage them to take a more active role in organizations that represent their interests.

What's new?

Need inspiration to get started? View the winners of the 2016 YouTube Contest, "How Does Human Factors/Ergonomics Help People?" on the HFES YouTube Channel.

Here are some additional fun and informative winning videos from the 2011 “What Is Human Factors/Ergonomics?” YouTube Video Contest:

Let us know the details for your upcoming events!  Send them to   

Been busy reaching out to the community? Submit your information for the NEM Honor Roll.

Is Human Factors included in NEM?

Yes. NEM could have been called National Human Factors and Ergonomics Month, but for convenience the shorter name is being used, and many people believe ergonomics and human factors are synonymous.

Who is NEM for?

Everyone! Educators, reporters, HFES members, students, consumers, and community, industry, and government leaders.

How do I get involved?

We encourage all visitors to participate in NEM. If you need help with any activities related to NEM, please contact Elizabeth Phillips. View the upcoming events section for possible collaboration opportunities with other events in your area, and view the past events section for inspriation for future events. Here are a few ideas for NEM events:

  • Request a speaker or NEM presentation materials.

  • Write an article for your local newspaper, newsletter, or Web site.

  • Organize an event at your office.

  • Volunteer to speak at a local school.

  • Prepare a community service project.

  • Submit your ideas to the NEM Best Action Plan Contest.

Use of the National Ergonomics Month or Human Factors and Ergonomics Society logo is restricted. Please contact HFES for more information.